Previous Camps

NHEYC 2016

NHEYC began in 2016 as an idea that there was a special need among Hispanic youth. Why weren't Hispanic youth active in predominantly Spanish churches? Why were active Hispanic youth leaving for college and abandoning their faith? These are tough questions that NHEYC sought to answer. Church leaders from Lilie St. Iglesia de Cristo in San Angelo, Texas; Cherry Lane Iglesia de Cristo in Midland, Texas; and Colgate Bilingual church of Christ in Lubbock, Texas looked for ways to encourage area youth to not only remain steadfast in their faith but also seek higher education while living out a Christian faith. NHEYC's first year brought 35 students from middle school through college to the campus of Lubbock Christian University for a four day camp. The theme was Holy Spirit, taken from 1 Corinthians 3:16. Our guest speaker was Daniel Rodriguez, author of "A Future for the Latino Church", and professor at Pepperdine University. With Daniel Rodriguez, the camp explored why English-dominant Latinos are abandoning the church and how to encourage them to build a foundation on Christ.

NHEYC 2017

In June 2017, NHEYC doubled its student attendance to 70. The theme was Fearless taken from Joshua 1:9. The camp continued with a great presence of respected leaders from Texas and Oklahoma. Silverton church of Christ minister, Lupe Naceanceno, gave a powerful message to today's youth on what Fearless means to a Christian. Joe Almanza, minister in Abilene, Texas gave a standout testimony of his prison ministry work that touched the lives of students and adults alike.